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Sikura was created following hearing the public outcry immediately after Paulina Dembska’s brutal murder in Sliema, Malta in January 2022. Several women stood up and asked for something to be done to ensure women feel safer when alone.

Since then, Sikura is working hard to put together a portfolio of varied products and service that support women, while also advocating for the importance of education that would lead to a safer society for all.



Sikura aims to provide women with a varied selection of tech devices and products that give them the kind of reassurance they need when out alone.


Sikura strives to also provide a group of services that help women build resilience, starting off with self-defence classes as part of this offering.


Sikura insists that the only way we can arrive to a permanent solution to this problem is through education, and it plans to work towards raising awareness on women’s rights.
Remember Their Name

It’s time to ensure that there are no more victims of femicide…

We can’t keep tolerating the killing of innocent women because they still are perceived as weak or as someone’s property.” Nicole Borg, Founder of Sikura
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We Want Every Woman to Feel Safer in Malta

It would be easy to say, let’s just worry about the women who can afford to pay for our safety devices and services. However, we don’t like to take the easy way out of things. Our promise is to each and every woman, and therefore, Sikura aims to provide its products and services for free to women who would not otherwise afford it.

Sikura is working hard to partner up with several NGOs and community leaders to identify women in need and provide them with the most ideal device and service, based on their life situation, for free. This is done by donating 5% of the profit from every sale to the cause as well as through a program whereby any individual can decide to purchase a device and donate it rather than receive it themselves.

Devices Donated
Devices Donated

Interested in purchasing a device to donate it to someone else?

  1. Visit our online store
  2. Choose the product you would like to purchase and donate
  3. Proceed to check-out
  4. Before finalising, make sure you tick: 
    “Donate this product in my name”

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