Sikura means Reassurance

Our Classes

Sikura aims to help women build resilience through providing self-defence classes thanks to its partners, primarily the Malta Self-Defence Academy. When an assault case happens, whether or not equipped with e device, until support comes, you have a small period of time where you need to be able to defend yourself. Learning how to defend oneself when faced with a dangerous situation is an absolute need.
Sikura means Reassurance

What Classes Do We Offer?

Individual Session

Individual training sessions can be held either indoors or at one’s home. These sessions are usually either one-to-one or else they can be open to a training partner or friend. This allows any apprentice to receive full attention by the instructor

Group Self-Defence Session

If you’re interested in self-defence classes, but would feel more comfortable to join a session with a group, than you can register yourself to one of the monthly Kung-Fu/ Self-Defence beginners’ classes held in Fleur-De-Lys. These classes are open to women of all ages.

Group Personalised Workshops

If you’re looking into a private group session, maybe as a team building event for your office or as a beneficial self-defence class for the women on your team, or if you’re a group of friends, an NGO or a family interested in sharping your self-defence skills, we also offer group personalised workshops. Whether you want this done at your home, or at a venue we provide, or whether you want this to be a one of session or a group of sessions, we are happy to support you in building your resilience.
I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it.” Maya Angelou