#RememberHerName – Pelin Kaya

While Pelin Kaya’s murder (yes, this was a murder – not a traffic accident) is not being seen as a femicide, it is still a tragic loss of yet another woman in Malta. Yet another case that sheds light on the poor state of safety for people on our islands.

Imagine waking up on your 30th birthday, in a country that is not your own, and with your family far away, but you try to make the most of it and celebrate another milestone in life…only for the evening to come and a person who was allowed by the justice system to roam free following getting probation on a theft case, gets high, and drunk, and kills you.

Malta, the country that boasts about not being a dangerous nation is becoming more and more dangerous.

People who break the law are given a pat on the back and another chance to continue ruining people’s lives, cause “probation is a right”. Seems like it remains your right no matter how many times you break the law. So what holds you back from breaking it again?

We keep postponing important national discussions on topics that matter and labelling them as “taboo”…let’s not talk about drug abuse, let’s not talk about equality, let’s not talk about mental health, let’s not talk about anything that can truly shake up our nation.

Is this really the kind of country we want our kids to be growing in? When will we learn to do better?

To the local media: let us please call a spade, a spade. We need you to be strong and to report facts without toning them down to fall kindly on the ears. The time to be kind in reporting to not alarm the public is over. We need people to understand that the country is no longer as safe as it keeps being portrayed to be and this is the first step in order to get the necessary people to be accountable and take the necessary actions. This was a murder, not a traffic accident.