Sikura means Reassurance

The Alarm Band

Emitting 120 db alarm in case of any emergency.

The Alarm Band is a portable alarm system that women can wear when they’re planning to go out alone. Carefully disguised in a watch like accessory, the Alarm Band emits a 120 db sound and once activated it also starts a small light to help passers-by to locate you.

Your Safety Matters

Our Alarm Band

Worn like a wrist watch, the Alarm Band is easily accessible in times of need, keeping in mind that in an emergency situation, every second counts. When one pushes the slider button on the left side of the device, it immediately emits a 120 db alarm that will scare off any attacker. Additionally, the sound is almost as loud as the sound made by a jet fighter taking off, and therefore would also help to alert any passers by that you are in need of help.

Band Usage

How Does it Work?

Daily Use

Our Alarm Band is super simple to use! All you need to do is wear the device instead of your watch, slide the switch on the left side of the device and control whether you want the device to be switched on or off. The device’s strap is made out of silicon and therefore is suitable for any wrist size by simply adjusting the range accordingly.

Battery Information

The device operates with three LR44 batteries. In order to insert or change these, all you need to do is push the battery cover, take out the used up batteries and replace with new ones. Knowing the need for sustainability, it is highly recommended to consider rechargeable batteries to operate this device.

Caring for your Alarm Band

The Alarm Band will last longer if it’s taken care of properly. Here are some tips that will help you extend its shelf life:

  • Your Alarm Band needs to be kept in a dry environment, away from moisture, high temperature and corrosive environments.
  • Use dry cloth to clean the Alarm Band, avoiding any use of water to clean it.
  • If you decide to go for disposable batteries, use these responsibly and dispose of used up batteries in bins made specifically for this according to GreenPak guidelines.