Sikura successfully reaches crowdfunding campaign goal and raises €2,240 towards its cause

Nicole Borg, the Founder of the Sikura brand, is absolutely delighted to announce that the crowdfunding campaign on Zaar Crowdfunding Malta has reached and exceeded its goal, arriving to a total of €2,240.

“I am truly grateful towards all those who believed in this project and saw it as one that is addressing a need in our country. Our mission is to ensure that no woman feels alone and helpless in Malta’s streets again, and every single donation, share, and like has helped us get to this point. Now, we can kick start the work with The Concept Stadium to get our website designed, up and running,” said Nicole.

A special thanks goes out to Zaar Crowdfunding Malta for welcoming this project on their platform with open arms and supporting Sikura in reaching its goal.

A special thanks goes out to all of our outstanding crowdfunding supporters:

Rachel Cassar, Kimberly Grixti, Giselle Borg Olivier, Dana Taylor, Jonathan Brincat, Jessica Magro, Chris Kerins, Mel McElhatton, Stefania Bagala’, Karl Farrugia Wismayer, Natalia Titley, Melanie Zammit Burg, Yuji Yamaguchi, John Torpiano, Julie Galea, Naomi Bugre, Christa Caruana, Maria Borg, Lauren Polkey, Joseph Cassar, Fiona Attard, Marienne Zammit, Michelle Grima Duca, Caroline Nabbe, Jasmine Farrugia, Nikki Vella, Lara Attard, Karl Wismayer, Nicole Borg, Maryanne Huber, Lorraine Borg, Ambrose Muscat, Jessica Azzopardi, Kelly Azzopardi, Gail Cuschieri, Kristina Duca, Martina Caruana, Warren Sammut, Helga B. Ellul, Marie Therese Debattista, Abigail Mallia, Mairella MacLeod, Francesca Vella, Emma Camilleri, Meredith Ebejer, Joshua Ellul, Eman Borg Mercieca, Corinne Falzon, Duncan Muscat, Charmaine Borg, Julietta Camilleri, Jacob Portelli, Leanne Galea, Lee Sultana, Sarah Portelli, Christopher Barbara (o.b.o. Doctors for Choice), Ramona Cauchi, Sandrina DeGabriele, a Group of Coworkers and Oriana Farrugia.